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Chalmazel is a village of the Department of the Loire, locally known for its castle and the practice of winter sports. Slopes, a few rounds of wheel of the bourg, evolve from 1109 to 1600 metres above sea level on the slopes of Pierre-sur-Haute (1634 metres), highest point of the mountains Forez.  

First ski competitions are held as early as the 1920s (the ski-rally of Pierre-sur-Haute) but it was in 1934 that the winter activities are organized with the first track (A) tracing. The first ski lift (the ski lift of Chapouilloux) is, as for it, built in 1953 on the initiative of the local club ski. Construction of the current domain is started in 1964 with the installation of the lift of the barns by the municipality, then continued as from 1967, worn by Eloi Marcoux, president of the Ski club and Henri Essertel, Secretary general of the Régie and the town of Montbrison. They enjoy the support of the general Council and its president, Antoine Pinay. support that will allow the construction of the gondola lift (Poma models automatic clamp S first series) and the development of the infrastructure of the station.  

Today, Chalmazel - Pierre-sur-Haute is managed online by the general Council of Loire and assumes a role of proximity station participating in the democratization of the practice of Alpine skiing with one vast pool of population.  

The field is small: there are 12 km of trails that grow in the heart of the dense fir forests until the wild moors of upper caps (high-stubble). Job-ski allows just the same descents of more than 3 kilometres in length on 500 meters of vertical drop. With its 90 guns and a recent ski Park with a chairlift with bubbles, this station of average mountain is, in addition, qualitatively well equipped.

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